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         MAKO, Mykola Kirichenko (b. USA, 1952) is a notable contemporary  artist and sculptor specializing in hydrastone and bronze life casting. Mykola has held studio in Michigan, Kansas, Arkansas, Washington. He is a versatile abstract painter  as well as being an etcher, and multimedia artist. He is presently trying to salvage what was left  of his studio losses in Kansas.  


         Mykola Kirichenko, MAKO, is an accomplished intellectual of independent exploratory art forms derived from traversing North America and Japan.  His media include digital photography, short digital film production, Maya based animation and design, abstract figurative painting, he has used both subtractive and additive techniques in his sculpture. In the discipline of sculpture his knowledge of mold making in soft and hard media allows for very versatile and creative cast works. His preferences are fast setting outdoor hydrastone as well as bronze and aluminum metal casting.


He is a passionate observer of social integration and life around him especially the reduction of the middle class in the United States, particularly in his native state of Michigan.  He began to explore the possibilities of sculpting in his pre teen years and began fine art painting in the 1960ís along with working with film and photography.


         The evolution of his art has brought him to investigations of  geometrically abstracted iconographic imagery which occur naturally in figurative, flora, and fauna subjects. His abstract 2D geometric images contain natural harmonic organic forms and elements of eroticism and mystic symbolism. By using figurative themes the natural subject matter which contain important relationship to the integration of his philosophy of free form and  expressiveness are evident. He currently is using experimental inroads of multi media in his paintings.   His work is distinguished by its abstract proportionalities and color, as well as by its complex assembly of underlying expresive gestures.  His paintings use deep multimedia layering techniques allowing his works to contain a unparallel vivid array of colorful transparency and depth.  


Atelier 94  art studio and by appointment only studio/gallery.  The Studio/Gallery offers  a diverse selection of  modern contemporary  painting, sculpture, and abstract  figurative art.  Atelier 94 had an etching press studio, along with a painting studio, a modern computer system for 3D digital work,  a clay studio, stone carving studio, and  life casting  sculpture  studio.  Contact www.Atelier94.com for a list of workshops and fees currently available for private and group sessions.   The artist accepts commission work for body casting and bronzes. He  is affiliated with the Art-O-Mat artists in cellophane organization in Winston-Salem North Carolina and his works can be acquired thru the Art-O-Mat Organization. 



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The artist painting an Abstract

Atelier 94 is the result of an evolution of  modern art ideas for  those who enjoy and collect abstract fine art    Atelier 94 provides paintings, drawings, etchings, and sculptures in clay,   luminite, hyrdastone,  bronze  and terrazzo flatworks. 



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