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 Multiple media fine art.

  • Sculpture  -  recenty cast
    • Cast Concrete and vermiculite
    • Design Cast with Terrazzo
    • Mold Making Employment OpMy Photo Galleryportunities 
      Welcome to the Mold_Making_Employment_Opp group at Yahoo! Groups, a 
      free, easy-to-use email group service. Please take a moment to review this message.
      Opportunities.  Mold Making  Listings for Mold Makers Model Makers / Sculptors.
      This web site is for the posting of Job Opportunities Employment Wanted and Networking
       It is only for Ceramic, Latex Rubber, RTV Silicone type mold making for resin 
      and ceramic castings all types of Model Making / Sculpting that relate to the
      above. (Not Plastic Injection Molds.)  please pass the word of the web site on to employer and venders of the free
      space to post and for the  job seekers in the mold making, casting and model 
      making industry. The more people informed of this site the more opportunities that will 
      come our way. Please feel free to email me with any questions at 
      Rod Rock
      To learn more about the Mold_Making_Employment_Opp group, please visit Yahoo Mold Making Groups
      Rod Rock
      Moderator, Mold_Making_Employment_Opp
    • Paintings- 


  • Etchings-  from the 1980's and current works 


  • Drawings  - on paper.


  • Studies in light - Photographic works .

    Animations - Digital animations.






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